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FBTV Co-Host, Ann Preston"Want Massive Exposure For Your Business?  Multi-Media Marketing Is  Growing 
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                             -- Ann Preston, Freedom Builders

What Is Ann Talking About?

Did you know that I'm about to launch a new program that is going to be viewed all around the world?  I achieved this through a concept called 'Multi-Media Marketing.'  It is by far the fastest, most effective way to broadcast your message to the world! We're already attracting major media attention due to the list of celebrity guests Bruce and I are interviewing. Top speakers and success guru's that we've had here to speak at our events! And YOU!

What's The Show About?

Of course, the show is geared toward helping entrepreneurs and small business owners promote their businesses.  It is motivational and at the same time provides step-by-step tips and strategies that the view can apply instantly to help grow their business & generate quality leads.

As a Guest on the show, we would like you to share your story about why you are passionate about what you do and how your product or service is useful to the viewers.  Describe what you do, how your product or service helps others and of course, at the end of the show offer a "call to action" or way that the viewers can get in touch with you.  We will even add special effects and flash your website/phone # up on the screen for you!

Why Is This A Fantastic Opportunity?

Not only will you be able to share in the massive exposure of our new show, you will benefit from the expertise we have gained from already being a guest on other shows.  Bruce and I will guide you step-by-step through the script writing process with a Template that we have personally created.  As you know, I am a marketing trainer and I will show you EXACTLY what to do to make your Guest spot a great lead generator for your business.

Here's Just A Few of The Benefits....

We will post your Interview on YouTube for millions to see!

You'll  Discover the Behind the Scenes World of Multi-Media marketing. You'll see how it's produced and promoted first hand!  The show will be professionally edited and aired on  YouTube,  Google Video, Facebook (125 million members!) and Yahoo, just to name a few!

You'll receive your own copy of the show and you can use it to impress your clients and prospects.  This way you can offset the cost of participating in the show and profit at the same time.  You keep 100% of the profits!

Your interview will air on the Freedom Builders homepage for 1 full month (our site is ranked top 11% of all sites in the world)!

 PLUS... This Exclusive Free Bonus: Free One-on-One Strategy Consultation Free 20-Minute Strategy Session with me so that we can brainstorm together on your show topic and how you can use the show to generate a massive amount of leads! (Value $400)

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Just fill in the fields below and be sure to enter an exact date and time that we can talk.  I will contact you personally at that time.  I am only permitting 2 Guests per weekly show and at the end of each show and I will make my decision on a first-come, first-serve basis for all applicable show ideas.  

Note:  Due to deadlines, all calls must be scheduled for no later than
this Wednesday, February 18th at 4pm.

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